Wedding planning can be stressful...

Let's take this journey together.

We're here for you to make every step easier!


We don't like being the photographers who just show up on your wedding day, drop off their photos and that's it. We are happy to be there for you from day one. We mean it when we say that we are now good friends with some of our previous clients.

We believe that it’s so important that you feel comfortable and bonded with the person documenting your big day. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. That's why it's our concern to create trust and to be on the same wavelength with you. Our goal is to give you the best experience out there! So we get to know you personally long before the big day.

Our team is built on values like trust, faith, love, treating clients like family and making sure you have fun on top of us delivering photos and videos. We’re so passionate it shows in our work and experience, and that has proven to make our clients happy!




We believe that you are in the best hands. A personal zoom call lets us get to know each other, to hear about your passion, and learn how we can make your dream come true at your wedding.

You found us, PERFECT! Let’s Zoom.

Once you have all the information from us, you can take your time and think about working together. Usually we ask for your decision between 1-2 weeks. Once you’ve chosen us, (whup whup!) we’ll send you the booking confirmation once the deposit to be completed.

Booking & confirmation

We’ll email you 2-4 weeks before the wedding, and we’ll send you the final check list so we know everything is set for the wedding and via e-mail you can tell us the final details if you have any. We are so excited!

Check-ins before your wedding

We are always available to answer any questions on email and will help you where we can. Nothing stands in the way of the big day!

Vamos a la fiesta!



“Their motivation, spontaneity and great commitment to our big day was a huge help to us. We are overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for Eliano Davide Brothers captured memories! They put 200% into their work, and they are flexible and willing to achieve extraordinary things. For example, they were able to deal with the bride's hair emergency immediately.You helped us make our wedding an unforgettable day! Thank you so much!"