Ciao a tutti We’re a fun, artful team that feels like family.

You are going to be relaxed and feel like yourself with us! We make the experience as easy as pie. Pizza is our love language, and we love to share it together with you!


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Love is a slice of heaven, isn’t it? It should feel that way.

And it should look that way. We capture the real you.

We deliver an amazing experience.

Do you know that feeling, when you bite into a perfectly hot, amazingly tasty pizza, and you’re just so happy? That’s how we want to make you feel having us as your wedding photographers and videographers! We’re a friendly and enthusiastic team that you can trust to deliver.


The gang's (almost) all here.

We just think ‘two is better than one’, and that’s our motto – that’s why we love being a team and bringing our passion & good vibes to your party.

We believe in Jesus, the founder of love.

We love good food, our families and friends. Put them together, the best!!

Also, we’re all passionate about art and music – opera, guitar, piano, violin, the drums.

Our love for music, food, and art is what shapes how we see photography. We want to create photos that make you feel.



“You guys have a special place in our hearts! Just indescribably great what you’ve done. Not only are the photos and video stunningly beautiful, EDB made us feel so comfortable; we got along so well with them before the wedding but also to this day and are just so full of wonder and gratitude. My husband and I are rock solidly convinced, there are no better wedding photographers or videographers!!!! We were moved to tears, this is exactly how we wanted it. Thank you thank you!”